Engineer to Engineer talk

E-to-E: Engineer to engineer talk series is a multi-blog series to help you  get some perspectives of engineering students from different fields. Every Wednesday between 6/24/15 and 8/24/2015 I’ll post a new weekly interview with an engineering student or professional.


I first met Wester at Masdar Institute during the first week young future energy leaders program (YFEL).

Wester is pursuing master’s degree in Engineering Systems and Management…

Let’s see what this budding professional has to share.. .

Omeir: Tell me about the most challenging engineering project  that you have been involved with.

Wester: The most challenging  engineering project  was about  route  simulation  of vessels that had to deliver  supplies  to a pipe building  ship.   We addressed  the  problem  in a four person group,  using  discrete  event simulation  technologies.   Heerema  Marine  Contractors were dealing with this problem  at that time.  The case was related  to one of the courses I took in undergraduate at the faculty of Systems Engineering  and Policy Analysis Management, Delft University  of Technology.

Omeir:  In your last engineering position,  what  were some of the  things  that you spent the  most time on, and how much time did you spend on each?

Wester :I don’t  have  any  work  related  experience  in the  field of engineering.    As a student at Masdar  Institute, I now spend a lot of time doing research  next  to my courses.

Omeir:  What  do you enjoy most/least about  engineering?

  Wester : Doing research is one of my favourite things.  The idea that your research is helping people all over the world to make life a little  bit better  drives me everyday  again.  The moments I enjoy engineering  the  least  is when I am struggling  to find the  right  methods  to solve the problems,  however, the reward  after I finished makes it worth  the struggle.

Omeir:  What  new engineering specialty  skills have you developed during  the past  year?

Wester : I improved  my basics and extended  my knowledge in Engineering  Systems.  Also I learned about  Systems Optimisation and Operations Research.

Omeir :Do you  have  any  patents?  If so, tell  me about  them.   If not,  is it  something  you  see yourself pursuing  and why or why not?

Wester: Not  yet.   I don’t  have  had  an  amazing,  game  changing  idea  yet,  but  if I have,  I will definitely pursue  that track.

Omeir: Think  of a specific engineering  project  when you answer this  question.   What  could you have done to be more successful in achieving your goal(s)?

Wester : Work harder,  and more efficient. Never lose sight of the final goal.

Omeir:   Describe a time when you confronted  a problem that really tested  your engineering knowledge- how.

Wester: My research  is inter  disciplinary,  so I address  a lot of problems  without  having  a back- ground  in them.  This is very challenging,  but  helps me extending  my knowledge.

Omeir : What  is your  overall  career  objective?   Do you see yourself working  in engineering  ten years from now? If not, what  do you think  you will be doing

Wester :In ten  years  from now I see myself working in an engineering  company,  or bringing  the engineering mindset to non-engineering  companies.  I do believe that every company could use engineers.

Wester Schoonenberg,

Engineering Systems and Management,

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology



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