Consistency and Junk


It has been quite a while since I posted anything, but I have been juggling some serious engineering courses and part time jobs. The thrill of overcoming something that is considered to be hard has it’s own perks . Good news is I didn’t rusted in the recent summer vacation unlike the previous one . I was busy exploring some heaven like places on earth located in Pakistan ( Nathiagali , murree etc). Also ,I interviewed several representatives ranging from CEO’s to salesman of different companies in pakistan, I will post those interviews in coming future.

Before leaving for Pakistan, I was involved in summer research program with one of my professor- Dr.Naeema in university for few weeks . During this time span I learned how the consistency actually looks like . Many people think consistency as an unbroken chain of working habit over a long period of time . But something that is missing from the definition is the type of work we do during this time period. To make things clear , I was quite excited about the opportunity I was been given to work on research project  . We worked through many different scenarios making up a plan of experiment and reading couple of papers . Two weeks passed and I started becoming frustrated about no tangible results coming out and hence started to lose interest and motivation. I pondered about my gradual loss of enthusiasm when I finally left for my vacation to Pakistan after three weeks of work . During my vacation I read a book  Daily rituals : How artists work .  This gave me a clear picture of why getting frustrated for not getting early results while working on stuff that require a lot of mental effort in pointless. One has to go through volume of work, put in a lot of repetitions and show up again and again to unveil great ideas and get results . This means one has to follow a consistent pattern of routine  and not depend on motivation or inspiration to produce results and I observed this ability in my professor who  refined the design, methodology and parameters of the experiment and to get the results . This is what all researchers all around the world probably do  . They usually in many cases have mastered daily habits that leads to creative success. What I learned from my professor is that if time is short, and you have other daily commitments ,and if a pleasant, straightforward life is not possible then one must try to wriggle through by subtle maneuvers, that is to follow a set of daily habits.

Coming to the nature of work that I mentioned earlier , I was also frustrated because some days of week during the summer research me and my colleague were not able to do something of worth, hence we ended up creating junk . Reading through Daily rituals I realized all those novelists, poets, playwrights, painters, philosophers, scientists, and mathematician mentioned in the book did not produced great results everyday . While working on their stuff they also produced junk , but it didn’t bogged them down,this made them keep going . Let’s compare this to weightlifting . There will be days when we feel we just had a below average workout session and tend to think that we need a break to get right motivation in order to have awesome workout session . We usually confuse motivation with quality of work .I personally believe it doesn’t works this way . We have to go to gym regularly and go through those repetitions again and again and show over and over again regardless of your feeling of workout you had.

Finally , If you are serious about creating something compelling you need to stop waiting for motivation and inspiration to strike you and simply set a schedule for doing work on a consistent basis.If you are a student then set a schedule to revise the concepts regularly rather even if you end up having a bad or say average study session , If you are a blogger you have to keep writing for a set period of time even if your last post didn’t turned out to be as popular as you expected. The key is to give yourself permission to create junk along the way .


3 thoughts on “Consistency and Junk

  1. Welcome back Omair. I have to say that I share your frustration. As a fellow blogger we both know there are days when our posts are not acknowledged at all.

    But we must never stop trying. Let the junk be. Yet, do no let anything hinder our consistency.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. The ideas you presented cause us to really question and ultimately undermine the societal claim that motivation is the sole driving force towards success. Excited to read upcoming posts.

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