Goodness in unpleasant sensations……


In my previous article I “preached” to accept little boredom in your life. I have written this article to further support my claim.

The so called “boredom” that we feel while we are immersed in more intellectual work generates sensation that is somewhat frustrating. Since, we subconsciously feel we are expending energy and not getting anything done. This is because when we come across the word Productivity, We usually think of completing list of chores – we are subconsciously programmed to think of WORK AS MORE TANGIBLE Stuff or something that is achieved at the expense of physical labor.

In my case I spend hours doing intellectual battle with a set of Math and thermodynamics problems that still largely confuse me. In the long run, I know this type of battle is crucial .But in the short run; it leaves me feeling like I accomplished nothing concrete. The unusual reaction to this guilt is that we constantly check emails or tweet or post “SELFIES” on  Instagram.

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So we face a paradox. The very type of deep work that is essential for producing remarkable results also rebels against all our intuitive way of acting or thinking of how a productive day should feel. I just want to point out that when it comes to our understanding of how to work towards something important in our working life, themes like courage, passion, productivity seems to be missing. What I want to suggest here is that we should view deep work from different angle that does not includes popular culture themes. Process of deep understanding of concepts cannot be aided by mere passion . This brings me back to my claim to accept little boredom that defies the fact that you should “aid” your boring working life with Facebook news feed oriented study break. Because it is the SHORT term sensation of frustration created from doing more intellectual work that we confuse with boredom .


As part of my personal research I want to hear from readers that how do you feel while working deeply. Share interesting stories, issues or moments of deep work that you believe have played important role in your intellectual development. You can email me at .


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2 thoughts on “Goodness in unpleasant sensations……

  1. the following words from Richard Carlson…

    “…if you allow yourself to be bored, even for an hour–or less–and don’t fight it, the feelings of boredom will be replaced with feelings of peace. And after a little practice, you’ll learn to relax.”

  2. The environment one works in is as important as the work itself. Imagine writing an essay in a dimly-lit bedroom with hardly any walking versus writing it on an iPad in a luscious green garden or balcony. The stimuli that the body receives will trigger different set of reactions when it comes to conceptualizing ideas or producing an original work of academia.

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