GO for the Goal part 1

Whenever we hear of the word GOALS,we go in the deep state of melancholy.Well if not that then at least go on the guilt trip.We start loosing our mind and start reminding ourselves of the goals we set but never followed.But,you should forget about those mistakes you made in the past and instead follow the advice of George Benard shaw, who once said : ” when I was young I observed that nine out of ten things I did were failures.I didn’t want to be a failure,so I did ten times more work.”

I will try to present five steps to goal setting in five different posts:

step 1.  Count how much will it cost ? 

 The number one reason why we fail after setting goals is that we never count the cost .


For instance,Let’s pretend you set a goal to get better marks in school this year. Great .But before you even begin dedicate some time counting the cost. What will it require ? For example you will have to spend more time doing chemistry , geography and biology.And less time hanging out with friends ( note : I never said to not spend time with friends  ).You will even have to stay up late some nights.Moreover finding more time for school work mean giving up watching TV.

Now having counted the cost,take a paper and write down the benefits.what could good marks bring for you ? Satisfaction-A feeling of accomplishment? A place at good university ? Securing scholarship ? A good job ? 

Now ask yourself ? do these things matter to me ? if yes , ” Am i willing to make the sacrifice ? ” if not  then DON’t DO IT.Don’t make commitments to yourself that you will break,because it will be significant waste of time.

A better way is to make you goals bite sized.If you are planning to eat pizza, a bite sized goal would be to slice it up.Instead of setting a goal of getting better marks in all your subjects , you might set a goal to get better grades in just two subjects.Then , the next term, take another bite.

Counting the cost will add essence of realism to your goals 


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