paradigm shift

There is a input for every outcome .

People complain that practice is not enjoyable,hardwork hurts and that persistence is boring .What if the people changed their perception about those principles? What if people view the whole process of becoming successful in terms of input and output.

To get something you have to  give in some thing .Think about hardwork,practice and persistence  as flour,butter and eggs  to make cakes or bottles of oil,petrol and distilled water to run the car engine . This paradigm shift will ultimately force you to KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRODUCT/RESULT/OUTCOME and ultimately make task easier because you won’t be intimidated by the amount of effort required to achieve a target . To complain that to work harder hurt  therefore i am not going to put in extra effort or give up is just like saying that THE PETROL “TASTES” BAD THEREFORE I AM NOT GOING TO FILL IT IN MY CAR.Petrol “might” taste bad to you BUT IT IS NECESSARY TO RUN THE CAR,SIMILARLY HARDWORK MIGHT HURT YOU BUT IT IS NECESSARY TO GET THE OUTCOME.


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